About - Company Values  

Welcome to Woodmansterne.

We are extremely proud of our organisation and the people who work together here to generate and promote trade. People are at the heart of this business and the key means through which we achieve our goals, our growth, profitability and ongoing success. Together, we aim to provide our customers with high-quality products and services. Everyone in the organisation has an important part to play and we rely on being able to generate a happy, harmonious and efficient working environment.

The company’s core values, which we all strive to attain in order to provide the highest levels of performance are:

Relationships FirstBe AuthenticMake it BrilliantGrow or DieEnthusiasm and Fun

With Customers: Woodmansterne is in business for the long term.  This year’s financial return is not as important as securing the future goodwill of our customers. ‘ We will not let you down’, ‘You can rely on us’.  If and when we fail (we are only human!), we will do our utmost to put things right between us.  In fact, each and every glitch gives us the opportunity, in its remedy, to show how important our relationship is to us.

With Colleagues and Suppliers: Without the growing trust of, and confidence in, our colleagues, we are nowhere.  It is through trusting relationships we are able to share and address our fears, concerns and opportunities for the business. Collaboration always brings better answers.

At Woodmansterne, we do what we say, and say what we do (which means we don’t make fancy claims about a product or service that we can’t live up to and, if we say we’re going to do something, we actually do it).  As individuals in the business, we are expected to be true to ourselves and speak up for what we believe to be right, as, not doing so, would deprive the business from considering a possible improvement. We trade openly and honestly.

In the Studio, we like to create our own path. We try to make things interesting, original and new.  We do not copy.  We acknowledge and give full credit to our sources.  We seek to license from only the most respected intellectual properties.  We employ and instruct the very best artists, designers and illustrators.

In Production, we purchase only from reputable and authenticated sources.  As we look for improvements and further efficiencies, we seek to minimise the environmental impact of our materials, processes and procedures.

In Sales, we trade with, and seek relationships with, the best retailers.  We are not discounters, because we take full responsibility for the quality, commerciality, and stock levels of our products. We help our customers be become winners, because in their success lies our future.

In Fulfilment, as in Accountancy, authenticity lies in the accuracy and verification of the movement of goods and figures.

Everyone likes to shine and be recognised for what they bring.  We need to analyse and make sure we understand exactly what we do that makes things go well and find ways of repeating that success.  Through practice, each department can reach a level of perfections that becomes the norm (“Perfection comes as Standard”).  It is only through regular enquiry and imagination that we ever exceed expectation and start to become brilliant. It’s never just what we do, it’s how we do it.

In the garden, enrich the soil and water the plants, never the weeds.  Prune regularly, remove the dead wood to create room for new growth. So… Remove products that don’t deliver.  Remove customers that don’t deliver.  Remove staff, who don’t (or can’t) deliver.

Regularly dispose of dead stock. Find ways to educate yourself (life is one long education trip), but learn ways how best to coach others (people do not learn from being told). Employ only stars and rising stars.  Move the others on. Set targets for growth.  Companies need to find growth.  Stagnation is death.

Enthusiasm and Fun
We spend the best years of our lives at work, so, whatever we do, we must find ways to make it enjoygable.  Enthusiasm is infectious.  It brings energy and vitality.  We look for people with a natural passion for living.  It is a leader’s job to remind their team of the importance of their work and to find ways of maintaining momentum.  it is a leader’s role to encourage others and make it fun.


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