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Detail: A Mother and Child by Nicholas Eliasz

Previous Award recipient. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Detail: A Mother and Child by Nicholas Eliasz (1590-1664)

You can donate to the Woodmansterne Art Conservation Fund and play your part in conserving original works of art around the UK when you buy our cards online.  Find out how.

Being involved in the reproduction of fine art for many years, we have been keen to understand how original works of art in public galleries should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. We were aware of the complete absence of government support or any UK funding, and so we set up the Woodmansterne Art Conservation Awards in 1995 to help the conservation of pre-twentieth-century oil paintings.

To date, 60 paintings have been conserved through the Woodmansterne Art Conservation Awards at a total cost of £357,000.

studentAs well as the Woodmansterne Art Conservation Awards, we established a scholarship programme, sponsoring a number of postgraduate students in their final year of art conservation studies. The scholarships are awarded biennially, and are initiated by Paul Woodmansterne in close consultation with senior conservators.

Previous recipients of a Woodmansterne Art Conservation Award include:

The National Portrait Gallery

Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford

The Bishop’s Palace, Wells

Perth Museum and Art Gallery