News - Are we Brits gaining a new sense of perspective? 

Woodmansterne Art card 407185

“If we don’t have a sense of humor (sic),
we lack a sense of perspective”
Wayne Thiebauld.

This hyper-real image (left) of individual cakes on cake stands is typical of the work of the American artist, Wayne Thiebauld. These everyday items formed the subject matter of much of his output during the 1950s and ’60s and heralded the start of the Pop Art movement.

It is interesting that everyday items from 1960’s America still have a resonance in 21st-century Britain – their colour, form and content lose none of their appeal with the passing of time or the crossing of continents. They simply gain perspective.

Woodmansterne Opium Birthday card 401398Similarly, it’s worth observing how little of Woodmansterne’s card publishing these days is made up of fine art imagery. So much now is centred around our sense of humour. Does that mean we Brits have gained a significant new sense of perspective?

Consider the image on the right – the mighty and exhilarating kingfisher, a winning image if ever I saw one. Enjoy it here, like I do – flying in formation. It’s actually one of my favourites from our Opium card range – a favourite, yet evidently an iconoclastic image, since one of our sales team pointed out that kingfishers are solitary birds that would never be seen flying in a flock.

Is that humour, or simply perspective?





Paul Woodmansterne