News - A blast from the Woody past 

Westminster Abbey interior photoshoot

We were thrilled to receive a lovely email out of the blue today from Woodmansterne’s original chief photographer to let us know that today is the 50th anniversary of his joining the company in 1963, back when it was the original colourslide business.  Perhaps he is reminding us to send him a card!

Nick has since emigrated to New Zealand (in 1975) and is now proud to announce that he now considers himself to be a Kiwi rather than a Pom as he has spent most of his life there now.

Westminster Abbey Throne

He did include some great pictures from the archive, a couple of which are featured here.  They include some interesting balancing acts on ladders that would contravene any health and safety inspection today (Westminster Abbey – interior shots of monuments), a rather cheeky shot of another Woodmansterne photographer sitting on The Throne of England (and the Stone of Scone – the guy should have been sent to The Tower for treason!), and the nostalgic mode of transport used by Woodmansterne photographers in those days (VW Campervan).

Thanks Nick – here’s to the good life in NZ.  Oh, and the card is in the post.