News - Cards of Wow! 

From splendid Kings of the Jungle to sweet domestic pets, cats certainly display in a direct and engaging way behavioural characteristics that are clearly not just the domain of humans.

Why do we human beings clothe our emotions in complicated and entwining thought?  Why do we rationalise everything?… justify our feelings with reasoned argument?  Why do we prefer to be right, and not just simply to be happy?

With a Woodmansterne greeting card, you can be sure to find an image that goes directly to the heart of things, whether to reflect your reserved yet heartfelt sympathy in a message of condolence, or to create a belly laugh with your Dad on Fathers Day, it’s all to be found within our ranges.

Art Woodmansterne 364419People love to receive a card.  They feel valued, respected, acknowledged, remembered and important when they receive that handwritten, tangible keepsake token.  I get it: a card for a purpose – to acknowledge a birthday, but of course!

But consider for a minute the power of a completely unexpected, for-no-other-reason-card – a card you to decide to send for no other reason than you thought they might like it.  Such cards are the cards of wow.  They transform someone’s day.  They can even change someone’s life.

Make a difference to someone today.  Send them a Woodmansterne card!


Paul Woodmansterne.