News - What your card choice says about you 

We’re told never to judge a book by its cover. Surely then, we mustn’t judge a card sender by the greeting cards we receive. Or, should we?

Woodmansterne Look Photographic greeting card 394027The image on a greeting card can communicate so many layers of subliminal information. Take the photograph on the left, which is from our NEW ‘Look’ range, and has been used as the front cover of our new catalogue, for instance:

Layer 1 – Black means smart, sophisticated? (says: ‘I like to make a good impression. I’ve made an effort.’)

Layer 2 – Music means romantic, relaxed? (says: ‘We can enjoy something together. I want you to feel good’.)

Layer 3 – Piano means skilled, sensitive? (says: ‘I appreciate your wit and emotional intelligence’.)

Layer 4 – A C-minor chord, root position with the third on the top (says: Do I perceive a deep yearning inside?’)

Layer 5 – Where does it stop?

Of course when it comes to the true meaning, ‘everything is relative’ and ‘context is all’. But surely, the possibilities and charm of a greeting card are far more interesting and revealing than any profile posted on social media!

Make a real and lasting impression: send a card!

Woodmansterne Look Photographic greeting card 394096PaulSigSml]

Paul Woodmansterne

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