News - Does buying a charity Christmas card really make a difference? 

Every year there is a lot of coverage about what proportion of the money you spend on charity Christmas cards actually gets donated to the appropriate cause.  At Woodmansterne we appreciate that if you choose to purchase cards to support your favourite charity, it is vital to know that your money is put to the best possible use.

To this end, we are careful not only to choose a selection of worthy causes, but to ensure that the organisation behind every charity is effective, efficient and well focused.  We set up agreements which guarantee that the money we collect from the sale of our quality charity Christmas cards goes in full to the the work of the charity and is not swallowed up in administration.

Every year each charity sends us a detailed report on their progress and on the specific projects that have been funded by your generous contributions.

For example, here is some of the feedback we received from our chosen charities after we forwarded the contributions from the sale of charity cards for Christmas 2017:

Marie Curie

The amount we received from Woodmansterne from 2016 –  £23,192,  would cover approximately 1160 hours of nursing care (£20 per hour).

Our nurses work night and day, in people’s homes across the UK, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support. Our hospices offer specialist round-the-clock care. And we help people throughout their illness by giving practical information, support from trained volunteers and being there when someone wants to talk.

British Heart Foundation

The money raised in 2016 could help provide 200 days/ 6 months of vital support from a BHF Helpline Cardiac Nurse to answer patients’ questions such as: How does my medication work? Why do I need this test? What does this diagnosis mean for me?

Every five minutes another UK family loses a loved one to a heart condition. But we are fighting back. Your donations power our life saving research. Help us keep more families together. Join our fight for every heartbeat.


Thanks to your support, we were able to welcome over 4,700 guests to Crisis at Christmas between 22 and 30 December 2016.  Our Christmas centres in London, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Birmingham offered people somewhere warm to stay, nutritious meals, the chance to shower and freshen up, expert advice and above all, companionship.

Crisis at Christmas provides emergency support for people at a critical time but our work does not end there.  Throughout 2017, around 10,000 homeless and vulnerably housed people will come to Crisis’ year-round centres, where they can access education and training opportunities, as well as support with employment, housing and health and wellbeing.

Alzheimer’s Society

The amount raised for Alzheimer’s Society could help families to cope with a diagnosis, and offer practical guidance and advice, by paying for a Dementia Support Worker for a whole year. This means no one has to face dementia alone. Dementia can devastate lives. For someone with the condition, as well as their family and friends, dementia means the plans you made, and the future you thought you had, will not be so.


It’s great to acknowledge, having now raised £3 million for charity, that together we have helped to rescue, restore or enrich the lives of so many people simply through the purchase of charity Christmas cards.