News - Does it really matter? 

Woodmansterne Art Greeting card 384127

It was William Nicholson, the playwright and screenwriter of the film “Shadowlands” who gave the English tutor and Oxford son, C.S. Lewis, the line “We read to know that we are not alone”.  Nicholson explains that for him the underlying message behind a book can be summed up as follows: “Have you felt this too? This is what matters to me. Does it matter to you too?”

It strikes me, that much the same can be said for a greeting card.

Underlying every card is the sender’s subliminal question; “You and I, are we on the the same wavelength? for if we truly understand one another, I suspect we see the world in the same way.  I think I have found just the thing for you”

Could that be why you choose Woodmansterne cards? We like to think so.

With every best wish as always

Paul Woodmansterne