News - Greeting cards for life 

Each year our attention span is ever more challenged.  Letters give way to email, email to text, and testing to tweeting.  Our written communications are required to be ever more succinct – how many of us, even this week, have texted just a single emoticon-face response: sad_emoticon_cry

Woodmansterne Art Greeting cardAnd so greeting cards – little physical expressions to hold, keep and cherish – retain a precious space inside to share our more considered thoughts.  And before that, we know the picture on the front will have already pained a thousand words for us.

In truth, many images and text on the front of a Woodmansterne card now reflects the concise, reductionist communication of today (nowhere more clearly demonstrated than in our new Truth Facts range) but the card format itself preserves that magical space for you to write in your own hand and share personal thoughts with someone who really matters to you.







Paul Woodmansterne.