News - The Bishop of Liverpool calls for more people to share handwritten greeting cards this Christmas 

Woodmansterne charity Christmas card in aid of WateraidThe Rt Rev Paul Bayes, the New Bishop of Liverpool, is absolutely on the button in his recent campaign to rejuvenate the Spirit of Christmas through the sharing of handwritten greeting cards.

The power of the handwritten card to uplift the heart and increase self-esteem in both the sender and recipient has been proven in scientific studies. It is even more potent today as our reliance on impersonal, text-based communication takes over our lives.

I’m sure someone’s going to comment that “a card publisher would say that, wouldn’t he”. But, we card publishers are very conscious of the role we play in enabling the confirmation, celebration, support and healing process that giving and receiving a card can bring. I can think of no more tangible way of giving hope or sharing happiness than handing someone a card. It doesn’t, of course, replace flinging your arms around those you love and can’t explain the meaning of life as well as Brian Cox’s BBC programme ‘Why are we here’ (No.2 in his Human Universe series), but it’s powerful nevertheless.

Thank you Bishop Bayes.

Paul Woodmansterne

MD of Woodmansterne Cards