News - Third time lucky for Print Week Awards? 

Following our fabulous two successive wins in the Social Stationery Printer of the Year category at the prestigious Print Week Awards in 2015 and 2016, we are hoping it will be third time lucky in 2017!

We’re setting ourselves a hard task, following our outstanding entry in 2016, which Print Week described as “The gold standard in stationery”.  Judges were suitably dazzled last year, with one commenting “The glittering was amazing. I’ve never seen it applied so precisely”.

For the 2017 Awards Seth Woodmansterne has put forward 4 entries –

Opium Birthday Card

Opium Birthday card 394317Inspired by the richness and fineness of detail in the artwork of Gustav Klimt, these greeting cards feature intense surface patterns of gold with a variety of very fine, delicate textures (seen here on the light feathers) and intriguing microscopic patterns (get out your reading glasses!), whilst perfectly placed in the design. Combining these elements in close proximity to give the required sense of opulence, however, meant a lot of further adjustments for the delicate areas, and a the bigger, flatter areas to prevent the foil from filling in.

Foiling is always a balancing act of heat, pressure, accuracy and consistency. To achieve the
variety of dazzling foil effects on this card, however, is like walking a tight rope!

Luxury Box of Christmas Cards

The remit here was to create a range of luxury boxes of Christmas cards that stood out from the crowd, with quality evident throughout, but had tight cost margins given this competitive market.

The glitter finish was crucial, with the publisher wanting to create the impression of ‘printing with glitter’. To achieve this, we reviewed every element of the glitter process to see how we could improve it.

The Kraft pizza box was generic across the range, and provided an unglued, cost-effective and trendy solution. The belly band therefore was needed to sell the luxury contents, but would also allow customers to open the box without destroying it. 

What looks like a fairly unassuming box has actually taken an incredible amount of hard work behind the scenes. Sometimes, the most simple and elegant products have overcome the greatest challenges!

Peppermint Mother's day card 413780Peppermint Mother’s Day card

Though it might look like a simple greeting card, there’s a lot of work that has gone on behind the scenes to perfect the combination of design and execution to create a very effective and pleasing result.

We worked closely with the designers on a range of colours to perfect the blind embossing – pastel colours proving by far the best. We tested varying depths of emboss to see what could work best on this felted, uncoated board. We also experimented with different sizes of emboss in relation to the print, and found that by embossing slightly larger we attracted the most light and shade, and truly brought the flowers to life! (And that’s not to mention embossing flower stems leaves absolutely no margin for error!)

There’s something so pleasing when design and production execution marry perfectly – truly, this was a team effort!

Doll’s House Advent Calendar

A stunning children’s Doll’s House Advent calendar that a child could construct and complete through the build up to Christmas, setting it apart from traditional window-opening advent calendars. This was to be a signature product, but needed to utilise existing packaging components and using Spot UV to precisely hit such precise elements as the intricate fireplace tiles, delicate mistletoe, and fine wallpaper stretching from left to right!

The result is surely the perfect combination of a Dolls House and Advent Calendar, giving a child-like anticipation and joy in the build up to Christmas. Even the adults seem to love it!

We’ll find out the results on Monday 16th October at the Awards Ceremony in central London – wish us luck!