News - What a wonderful business to be in… 

People love to receive a card – a handwritten note from a friend, reminding them that they are in their thoughts, something personal, chosen specifically for them, on this day. What better way to lift the spirits and leave a life-affirming fillip!

Woodmansterne Framed Photographic greeting card 263156People love to spend time in a shop choosing a card. On the internet, it isn’t easy, or convenient, trying to find a card. It’s much better to pop into your local retailer, who understands your taste and offers just the right sort of cards to choose from.  Nipping for a minute is good for you; it breaks up the day, and gets you moving, gets air into the lungs, puts a smile on your face.

Shopkeepers, too, love selling cards.  It’s interesting to watch people browsing, and there is always the icebreaker “Someone’s birthday is it?”

Designers love creating things that matter to other people; printers, finishers and packers have lovely things to handle; sales folk never tire from marrying the retailer’s needs with the best things in their bag.

And, as a publisher, I just love it, working with these happy, inspiring folk, all of us trying to bring a little love each day into people’s lives.







Paul Woodmansterne