News - What’s your favourite Woodmansterne card? And why? 

Every so often, I am asked that question and, as I look through the catalogue, I keep coming back to this delightful little watercolour by Quentin Blake. We’ve used it many times now – as a Valentines card, an anniversary card, possibly even a birthday card.

Woodmansterne Anniversary Card by Quentin BlakeIt is so expressive – full of hope, respect and tenderness. In just a few brush strokes, through this picture Quentin tells me (he tells us all) that there’s lots of fun to be had in the years ahead. Wow, it’s worth getting up today just to see if I could make my wife laugh like that! Would I remember a joke and be able to deliver the punch line as well as that when I reach their age? Age surely disappears when you can imagine still doing silly things like perching on a branch together. Age disappears when your partner, like an embarrassed teenager, has to hide that she’s laughing so much she’s going to cry.

And doesn’t he look dapper! He’s made an effort (and so has she). Roses and chocolates: what could be more romantic! He’s on a roll now. The card he’s given has got her going and he hasn’t even started with the chocolates, let alone presented his by-now-rather-disheveled bunch of roses from behind his back. It’s going to be a good day – a really good day indeed.

This year, Quentin received a knighthood for his achievement in the field of illustration. To honour the occasion, Woodmansterne has published a Special Edition of cards featuring new images from the broad spectrum of his work.  You can view the full range in our new catalogue which is now available.

Thank you.

Paul Woodmansterne

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